‘Pharma bro’ Shkreli is suffering-Here are details of his tough jail

Credit: Right:The Daily Beast Left: Metropolitan Detention Center (Federal Bureau of Prisons)

According to a leading defense lawyer, notorious ‘pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli just made things harder for himself by having his bond revoked. This happened after he offered his Facebook followers $5,000 for Hillary Clinton’s hair.

Rather than waiting to be sentenced in January, now he is being held in Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. According to a source, this place only looks relatively good when it’s compared to the “supermax” prison in Florence, Colorado or the Marion in Illinois.

The source continued, “He’s in the worst prison that he’ll ever be in, considering the charges he was convicted of. He really put himself in a bind.”

Lawyer Arthur Aidala describes the center as “just a place to warehouse human beings.”

Attorney-in-charge Deirdre von Dornum of the Federal Defenders of New York’s Eastern District office also states, “He’s going to be in total shock.”

“It’s freezing cold right now. The inmates are wearing hats and are wrapped in towels to keep themselves warm, because [officials] keep the air conditioning up for some reason.”

She also added,“In the winter, it often gets very hot.”

Another woman who was visiting her brother at the detention center stated that Shkreli “didn’t know what he [was] getting into.”

“There’s a lot going on behind these walls, I would hope he don’t think it’s a resort,” she said.

“There a lot of gangs in here. And after the gang thing, then there’s the color thing. … It’s not something small when you in here.”

This is the prison where Raffaello Follieri, a Ponzi schemer, revealed that he got sick after he was served spoiled food and had to use bathrooms that were “unspeakably unsanitary” with “excrement in the showers” and rats “roaming freely in the area.”

Currently, there is a class action suit that is filed by inmates who claim they were subjected to “conscience-shocking, oppressive, egregious, capricious and dangerous conditions.”

A testimony claimed laundry dryers “vent directly into the sleeping, eating, and living space,” which forces the inmates to breathe “a mass quantity of particulate matter.”

“Mold is omnipresent on ducts, shower areas, ceilings, and walls.”

“Instead of correcting these health hazards the BOP and MDC make the conscious decision to paint over the mold. The painting … is usually done prior to inspections and 3rd party visits (such as Regional Office or Judicial visits).”

There is also an investigation by a federal grand jury of allegations of corruption, some that are related to criminal charges against three supervisors who have been accused of raping and sexually abusing female inmates.

According to people that are familiar with the process of the detention center says, Shkreli was being held in the “Receiving and Departure Unit.” He was apparently strip-searched when he got there, had to change in khaki-colored prison attire, tested for tuberculosis, and was asked about the state of his health and his mind.

A defense attorney says due to Shkreli’s cockiness and status, “There might be someone who would just want to hurt him.”

One visitor said, “It all depends on how you present yourself here. If you gonna be arrogant, you’re going to be treated a certain way.”


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