Pence’s doctor raised concerns about Ronny Jackson last fall

Credit: Left: AP Photo/Raad Adayleh Right: REUTERS

Last fall, Vice President Mike Pence’s physician reportedly raised concerns about Ronny Jackson, Trump’s former personal doctor.

There were three memos by Pence’s physician that detailed instances where Jackson acted unprofessionally.

The documents showed that Jackson may have violated federal privacy laws and inappropriately intervened in a medical situation that involved Karen Pence.

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Pence’s physician later wrote another memo where he detailed that he felt intimidated by an angry Jackson. He went on and explained that Jackson treated him unprofessionally and made him feel “uncomfortable.” He added that he even considered resigning at that point.

The White House tried to downplay this incident by describing the situation as “simply a dispute between two doctors.”

According to Alyssa Farah, press secretary for Pence, Pence’s physician “brought the issue to Mr. Ayers, who appropriately referred the matter to the proper channels.”

This report comes a week after Jackson withdrew his nomination for VA secretary as multiple allegations emerged. The allegations range from drinking on the job, handing out prescription pills and multiple drunken occasions. This includes an incident where he allegedly crashed a government vehicle and tried to enter a female staffer’s hotel room.

However, Jackson continues to deny the allegations, while Trump continues to defend Jackson.


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