Paul Ryan’s Democratic challenger raised a whole lot of money in only 12 days (Details)

Screenshot via Randy Bryce for Congress/Youtube

Last month, Randy Bryce, a Democrat from Wisconsin, announced he will be running against House Speaker Paul Ryan.

In the first 12 days of his campaign, Bryce has raised more than $430,000.

According to his campaign, there were over 16,431 individual donations with an average contribution of about $25.

In a statement, Bryce asserted, “Our shared values of putting working people first, fighting for everyone to have access to healthcare, and the importance of leveling the playing field has resonated with thousands of people from all different backgrounds. Just a few weeks into this race, we have seen what can happen when you have the power of working people on your side, and I am excited to work with everyone as we continue this fight through next November.”

Since Bryce’s campaign started, he gained popularity and has a huge Twitter following of 106K followers. He uses the Twitter handle, @IronStache.

This will be an uphill battle for Bryce, especially since Paul Ryan has never lost a race and never won with less than double-digit margins. Also, it is very rare that House Speakers get voted out. But because the political climate is so unordinary right now, anything is possible.

Bryce’s campaign video has just over 500,000 views on Youtube. If you missed it, you can watch it below:

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