Paul Manafort tried suing to escape Mueller- Judge returns crushing ruling (Details)

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman threw out a lawsuit from former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Manafort was attempting to challenge the ‘scope of Robert Mueller’s investigation.’

In the judge’s ruling, she wrote that the court should not use its powers to interfere with an ongoing criminal probe.

“It is a sound and well-established principle that a court should not exercise its equitable powers to interfere with or enjoin an ongoing criminal investigation when the defendant will have the opportunity to challenge any defect in the prosecution in the trial court or on direct appeal,” wrote Berman.

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“Therefore, the Court finds that this civil complaint must be dismissed.”

The former Trump official, along with Richard Gates, is charged with hiding millions made during Ukranian lobbying efforts. The Ukranian groups he was associating with are backed by Russia.

In January, Manafort filed the suit because he believes Mueller’s investigation is ‘too broad’ and shouldn’t be permitted under Justice Department rules.

“By ignoring the boundaries of the jurisdiction granted to the Special Counsel in the Appointment Order, Mr. Mueller acted beyond the scope of his authority. Mr. Mueller’s actions must be set aside,” wrote Manafort’s legal team in the filing.

The Justice Department said that Manafort’s filing was ‘frivolous.’


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