PA Lawmaker proposes fining parents $500 for child’s bullying (Details)

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Democratic State Rep. Frank Burns of Pennsylvania introduced a bill that would make parents pay a fine up to $500 if their child bullies another kid at school. Burns’ bill would give parents three strikes before the fine kicks in.

The first time their child bullies someone, the school would be required to inform the child’s parents on how the school handled the situation. The second time it happens, parents would have to take a class on bullying and attend a bullying resolution conference. The third time, the parents would have to pay a fine up to $500  and would also receive a court citation.

If the bullying continues after the third time, parents would be fined $750 for each offense.

The bill would also cover cyberbullying.

This is just one of the three pieces of legislation that Burns revealed he is planning to introduce.

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One proposal is implementing a system created by the Department of Education where people would be able to report bullying anonymously. The other proposal is creating real-time data that would require the schools to track and report bullying incidents.

In a 2011 survey from the National Center for Education Statistics, about 28 percent of the children reveal they have been bullied. Also, about nine percent say they were cyberbullied.

According to Burns, “Bullying is underreported and often unaddressed in a meaningful way. When it’s not addressed, bullying can escalate quickly from taunts and hurtful online posts to physical assaults and — in worst cases — suicide.”

He continued, “Holding students, parents and officials at all levels accountable is the only way to put an end to this scourge.”

There are other cities that have anti-bullying laws where the parents receive a fine for their child’s bullying. For example, in North Tonawanda, parents could be fined $250 or sentenced to 15 days in jail.


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