One of Trump’s anti-voter goons was just found in contempt of court (Details)`

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On Wednesday, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was found in contempt of court. Kobach was previously the vice chairman of Trump’s ‘election integrity commission’  that was tasked with finding voter fraud.

Previously, Kobach was told by the courts that he must make sure that voters in his state weren’t misled before the 2016 general elections. He disregarded the order and this led to the contempt charge.

Judge Julie Robinson issued the charge. Robinson says that Kobach has a long history of “noncompliance and disrespect” for the court’s rulings.

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“Kansans have come to expect these postcards to confirm their registration status, and Defendant ensured the Court on the record that they had been sent prior to the 2016 general election,” Robinson asserted in her 25-page ruling that was issued on Wednesday. “They were not, and the fact that he sent a different notice to those voters does not wholly remove the contempt, nor does his attempt to resend postcards eighteen months after the election and five months after Plaintiffs notified him of the issue.”

In 2016, Kobach was court ordered to tell voters that they weren’t obligated to follow his state’s Documentary Proof of Citizenship law that was successfully challenged by the ACLU. He refused.

Kobach has long been considered at the forefront of Kansas’ effort to hinder voting. He was the chief architect behind the xenophobic racially charged SB 1070 bill. He was also behind the inaccurate Crosscheck program.

At this point, the judge is requiring that Kobach pay the attorney fees for his adversaries. She’s considering further action against him before the case is settled.


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