Watch: Oklahoma governor compares striking teachers to ‘a teenager wanting a better car’

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As thousands of Oklahoma teachers are on strike to demand an increase in school funding and better pay, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) compared the teachers to “a teenager wanting a better car.”

In an interview, Fallin stated, “Teachers want more. But it’s kind of like a teenager wanting a better car.”

According to the National Education Association, teacher salaries in Oklahoma are ranked 49th in the country, this is one of the lowest in the country.

Last week, for the first time since 1990, Fallin signed a bill that increased the teachers’ salaries by $6,000. In addition, the measure increased school funding by an extra $50 million, even though teachers were demanding $200 million more.

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The teachers are calling for a $10,000 raise over three years and a $5,000 raise for other support staff. They are also demanding for more school funding.

The strike is now on its third day. This strike also comes as a two-week strike in West Virginia last month led to a 5% pay raise for teachers and other state employees.

Currently, there are also teacher strikes in Kentucky and Arizona.

Teachers in Kentucky walked out on Monday to protest pay, benefit, and school funding cuts. In Pheonix, Arizona, teachers demanded a 20% pay raise and are calling more school funding.

Fallin’s comments received backlash from some angry teachers:


Below is the video:

Below are some other reactions:


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