NY Attorney General hires prosecutor to target Trump

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Credit: Buck Ennis/Crains

Following the unexpected firing of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, the NY Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, picked up one of Bharara’s top deputies to go after Trump. The new pick, Howard Master, was reportedly selected in order “to focus specifically on issues involving the Trump administration.”

According to the report, Master will be expected to take on Trump himself for illegal activities. In particular, Master will be looking to take action against Trump for Constitutional violations involving accepting payments from foreign governments.

This isn’t the first time Schneiderman has gone after Trump. Schneiderman was part of the 2013 lawsuit involving the fraudulent Trump University.

Howard Master (left) with Preet Bharara. Credit: WSJ

Schneiderman lead the effort in October to shut down the Trump foundation after discovering unscrupulous activities and lack of proper registration.

Schneiderman’s office recently joined with Washington state in the fight against Trump’s immigration ban.

“The Trump administration’s continued intent to discriminate against Muslims is clear, and it undermines New York’s families, institutions and economy,” Schneiderman said last week.

Judging by past tweets, Trump is not a fan of Schneiderman.


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