NPR just had to explain Sen. Cassidy’s Trumpcare bill to, of all people, Sen. Cassidy (Details)

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After continued failure to pass a new ‘Trumpcare’ bill, another version has come to the Senate floor.

This time, perhaps intentionally, they are calling the bill the ‘Graham-Cassidy’ healthcare bill. Graham is a close friend of John McCain, who delivered a shocking no vote on the last try. Tying Graham to the bill could be a way of drawing in McCain’s vote.

Via Twitter, NPR decided to bring to light some of the truths behind the proposed bill. Here’s the beginning of those tweets below.

Senator Cassidy, the co-sponsor of the bill, was quick to respond to NPR with an emphatic “false.” Cassidy tried to explain that the bill ensures individuals with pre-existing conditions have access to adequate and affordable insurance.

In under 140 characters, Cassidy attempted to debunk NPR’s claim, but NPR answered him with more tweets, lots of facts and figures, and even a well-written article.

As NPR has clearly laid out, the Graham-Cassidy bill does not include the same protections as the Affordable Care Plan and will likely leave millions to suffer- although the exact figure is currently awaiting another review by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Even Trump, in a recent tweet, has joined in on lying to the American people in regards to whether pre-existing conditions would be protected.

The fact is, this bill will likely hurt millions of people, and it’s only a few votes away from being able to pass. Now, more than ever, Americans need to come together and call their senators. The number for the U.S. Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121. Call them and tell them to save our healthcare.


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