Nordstrom drops Ivanka Trump brand from stores (Details)

It appears that Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories line have been removed from the Nordstrom website.

The spokesman for the brand revealed that it has not bought clothes for the coming season and has completely taken her brand off of the master link of available brands.

This move comes from an effort called #GrabYourWallet, which boycotts products that have any ties to Trump, his family, and donors.

Back in November, Nordstrom defended its decision to sell Ivanka’s product saying “We hope that offering a vendor’s products isn’t misunderstood as us taking a political position.” But on November 2nd, they wrote on Twitter, “We’re not.”

It is reported that on Thursday, Shannon Coulter, co-founder of the #GrabYourWallet campaign, had asked its followers to call the Nordstrom’s headquarters in large numbers.

After Nordstrom announced its decision, Coulter expressed in an email “the cause and effect here are very clear.” “Over 230,000 Tweets and who knows how many millions of dollars’ worth of missed purchases later, they finally heard us.”

Shannon Coulter also tweeted, “Big news everyone. You did this. I am in awe.”

As of Thursday night, there were only four items with Ivanka Trump’s brand remained on the website: four pairs of shoes which are all marked down at 40 percent.

The #GrabYourWallet campaign has now boycotted over 70 companies – from Trump’s golf courses and hotels, to other businesses that are associated with Donald Trump in any way.

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