The Navy SEAL who took out Bin Laden just ripped into Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Details)

Left Credit: Facebook. Right: CNN

Former Navy SEAL Robert J. O’Neill, who takes credit for being the guy who shot Bin Laden, was not pleased with some of the deputy press secretary’s recent comments.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who serves just under Press Secretary¬†Sean Spicer, praised Donald Trump’s recent Executive Order that reorganized the U.S. Dept of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). Sanders was complaining that the media was ignoring all the good things that Trump has accomplished.

While O’Neil recently praised the Trump Administration for the travel ban, he was not in agreement that the VA is headed in the right direction. He said saying otherwise is a “damn insult to vets.”

O’Neil followed up that tweet by pointing out that he is one of the few who can afford his own private healthcare. Due to disastrous healthcare at the VA, many vets are having to do the same.

O’Neil can afford private healthcare because he wrote a best-selling book called The Operator, which detailed his 2011 raid which targeted Bin Laden. He received some negative feedback because SEALs aren’t supposed to talk about their missions.

The former SEAL went on to tweet about having his wallet stolen by VA staff while receiving a CAT scan.

While I try to avoid getting personal in my articles, I can attest to the same problems O’Neil is referring to. I also pay for my own healthcare in order to avoid using the VA. I have a friend who recently died after not getting treatment at the VA. I know several vets who are out of work because of combat-related¬†issues and the VA is taking 3-4 years or more to deals with their claims. The VA is a complete mess.

Nothing seems to be improving under Trump. Thankfully, Robert O’Neill pointed that out.

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