Nancy Pelosi just broke a House record while defending Dreamers (Details)

Photo via Brendan Hoffman/Bloomberg

On Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nany Pelosi set a record for the longest speech. Pelosi gave the speech in defense of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program. She spoke for more than seven hours straight.

In the speech, Pelosi included letters from DACA participants who found success in the program.

“Our Dreamers hang in limbo, with a cruel cloud of fear and uncertainty above them. The Republican moral cowardice must end,” said Pelosi. “I’m going to go on as long as my leadership minute allows.”

Pelosi, being the house minority leader, is allowed unlimited speaking time. Other roles that are allowed unlimited time include the speaker and majority leader. Pelosi would be the only Democrat in the House who could have got away with the long speech.

After 5 pm, one of Pelosi’s colleagues slipped her a note saying that she just broke the record for longest House speech since at least 1909. Back in 1909, House Speaker Champ Clark (D-Mo.) spoke for five hours and 15 minutes while protesting a tariff change.

The speech began at 10:04 AM and lasted until shortly after 6:00 PM.

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“I just got word that the House historian confirms you have now set the record for the longest-continuous speech in the House, since at least 1909,” stated Pelosi.

“I wonder what that was,” she continued while chuckling.

Pelosi gets extra credit because she was wearing 4-inch heels.

House Democrats are currently pushing Speaker Paul Ryan to gain floor consideration of DACA bills.

Speaker Ryan’s spokesperson reiterated that Ryan is interested in a DACA reform bill.

“Speaker Ryan has already repeatedly stated we intend to do a DACA and immigration reform bill — one that the President supports,” said AshLee Strong.


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