Mysterious white truck blocks CNN’s view of Trump golfing- here are the details (w/ video)

Credit: Noah Gray/Twitter

On Wednesday, Trump made the headlines after there was a mysterious white truck that blocked CNN’s view of him golfing. When CNN moved their cameras, the truck moved too, in order to block the picture.

This comes one day after CNN caught Trump golfing after he tweeted he was getting “back to work.”

Below is footage that CNN captured the day before:

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Noah Grey, CNN’s producer, tweeted a photo of the truck and noted that before they were able to capture video of Trump tweeting from the particular sidewalk. However, on Wednesday it was “not possible.”

The Secret Service has denied they were the ones who used the truck to obscure the view.

The Secret Service stated, “The USSS is in the business of protection and investigations not in commissioning vehicles to block the media’s view of the President’s golf swing.”

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department also denies using the truck.

Trump is scheduled to stay in Florida through New Year’s Day.

According to NBC News tracker, Wednesday’s golf outing is Trump’s 86th day at one of his golf properties since taking office.

More details of the owner of the truck and the reason for why the truck was parked in the location has yet to be revealed.

You can watch CNN’s Don Lemon talking about the truck below:


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