Mysterious white truck case solved by CNN- law enforcement lied (Details)

Credit: Noah Gray/Twitter

It seems as though CNN solved the mystery of the white truck that blocked Trump’s golf game on Wednesday.

The mysterious white truck first made headlines on Wednesday after CNN’s producer’s Noah Gray tweeted a picture of a white truck that blocked CNN’s view of Trump golfing.

The truck showed up one day after CNN was able to obtain footage of Trump’s golf game.

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On Thursday, Gray found a truck that looked identical in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department’s parking lot.

The truck was parked in a way that it was impossible to compare license plates. However, Gray was able to get confirmation of the license plate.

However on Wednesday, when the sheriff’s department was asked about the truck, they denied the use of the truck. On Thursday, Teri Barbera, the sheriff’s department spokesperson, reiterated the same denial.

Trump will at the Mar-a-Lago til New Year’s Day.

Trump is known to criticize his predecessor for spending too much time golfing. However, Trump is on track to triple the amount of time Obama spent golfing in his first year in office.


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