Trump has been doing practice interviews for Mueller and failing terribly- Took him 4 hours to do 2 questions

Credit: Left: Twitter Right: AP Photo

Trump’s preparation for a potential interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not going as smoothly as his lawyers want.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump had an informal mock interview and it took him four hours to get through two questions. This was due to “frequent interruptions on national-security matters” and his “loquaciousness.” (loquaciousness means very talkative)

This report comes as the President’s lawyers have set a May 17th deadline to decide whether Trump will be willing to sit down for questioning with Mueller. However, if Trump refuses to give Mueller an interview, Mueller could present Trump with a grand jury subpoena.

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This report prompted a CNN panel to mock Trump.

Daily Beast editor and CNN analyst John Avlon joked that the practice session probably included “regular breaks for … tweeting.”

Avlon also added, “First of all, he is totally loquacious. He is not focused. Could two questions that are kind of contentious derail him for long periods of time? Sure.”

It also garnered some reactions on social media:



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