Melania fires back after Ivana calls herself ‘first lady’ (Details)

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During an interview to promote her memoir, Raising Trump, Ivana Trump  jokingly called herself ” the first lady.”

Ivana is the mother of Ivanka, Donald Jr, and Eric. She was Donald’s first wife and they divorced in 1992 after a tabloid affair with Marla Maples.

In the interview, she bragged about having “the direct number” to the White House and talked about how she talks to Donald about once every two weeks.

Ivana stated,  “I have the direct number to White House, but I no really want to call him there because Melania is there. I don’t want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that because I’m basically first Trump wife.”

While laughing, she added, “I’m first lady, OK?”

However, it seems like Melania didn’t think her joke was funny.

Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s spokesperson spoke out in a statement saying, “Mrs. Trump has made the White House a home for Barron and the President. She loves living in Washington, DC, and is honored by her role as first lady of the United States. She plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books.”

Grisham also added, “There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex, this is unfortunately only attention-seeking and self-serving noise.”

Ivana is currently promoting her memoir which features stories about raising the three children with Trump.

In the memoir, Ivana also gives herself “full credit” for raising the three eldest children. She added that Donald was a  “loving father” but he was not involved in day-to-day upbringing.

She asserted, “Donald was on the telephone making the deals. He was loving father, don’t get me wrong. And he was a good provider. But he was not a father which would take a stroll and go to Central Park or go play baseball with them. It was only until they were about 18 years old he could communicate with them, because he could talk business with them.”

Melania is Donald’s third wife after Marla Maples. The two married each other in 2005.


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