Massive list of info about Trump opponents released on internet (Details)

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A group of Trump supporters has worked together to gather information on those they believe to be either anti-Trump or associated with “Antifa.”

The list was first reported by BuzzFeed. It appears the collection started on the site 4Chan, where pro-Trump activists were assembling names, phone numbers, addresses, social media accounts, and any other information they could collect on their opponents.

A copy of the list has been posted to the text repository site Pastebin. Until it’s removed, you can view that list by clicking here. 

Posting a collection of personal data on Pastebin is supposed to violate its terms of service. As of now, Pastebin has yet to disclose why they have not pulled the list from their site.

As you can see below, some sections of the collection are long lists of Facebook profiles who are believed to be anti-Trump protestors.

Screenshot via Pastebin

Another section listed Facebook profiles and other lewd details of those who attended a particular anti-fascist event in Seattle’s Judkin Park.

Screenshot via Pastebin

Some of the sections go into much more detail than just social media profiles. As you can see below, people’s employment, addresses, and other information is being shared.

Screenshot via Pastebin

In one section of the Pastebin document, far-right trolls laughed in response to people signing an “anti-fascism petition,” claiming that they doxed themselves. They claim that many of the petition’s signers were professors, teachers, writers, and other esteemed people.

ANTIFA and Lefties Doxed Themselves HAHAHA

An anti-fascism petition went around, which dumb lefties signed, and now we’re digging up any info we can find on the people who signed it. So far we noticed that too many people on the list are professors and teachers, people that receive grant money, company PR people, writers for media outlets, and people that curate all kinds of art/media. Lots of (((surnames))) too.

On a personal note, after years of online activism, attending protests, donating to anti-Trump causes, etc, I was shocked to not see my own name anywhere on the lists.

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