Maryland pushing a new bill that could take Trump off 2020 ballot (Details)


The Maryland state Senate has just advanced a bill that could spell trouble for the Trump administration. Under this newly proposed legislation, presidential and vice presidential hopefuls will have to release their previous five years of tax returns.

On Thursday, the Senate passed a preliminary approval of the bill. It will face final approval next week, then be sent to the House.

Currently, the Maryland General Assembly is controlled by Democrats. However, they will have to send their bill to Republican Governor Larry Hogan. Hogan has not yet disclosed whether or not he will support the bill.

The bill was crafted following the refusal of Trump to release his tax returns. This is in spite of candidates releasing them for decades. Some speculate that Trump refuses to release them because he’s only pretending to be a billionaire. Others believe it’s because he’s hiding financial dealings with Russia.

A similar bill was passed by legislators in both New Jersey and California but their governors vetoed it. However, following Chris Christie’s departure in New Jersey, New Jersey may now be able to pass the legislation.

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Trump continues to say he can’t release his taxes based on an ongoing audit. However, the IRS continues to argue that an audit should not prevent him from releasing his returns.

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, over 2/3 of voters say Trump should release his tax returns. 91% of Democrats said he should, 68% of independents, and only 30% of Republicans.


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