Thousands of Trump-obsessed females are buying ugly ‘MAGA’ swimsuits and posting selfies (Details)

Image via @BabesforTrump/Instagram

There’s a new creepy craze for a one piece bathing suit that is making its round on social media and Trump fans are loving it. It is a metallic blue colored suit that reads “Make America Great Again,” Trump’s infamous slogan.

The Instagram and Twitter account called @BabeforTrump features female Trump supporters wearing the particular swimsuit as well as other patriotic colored bathing suits and the red MAGA caps. The suit is sold by AAF Nation for $39.95.

The site’s owner, Shawn Wylde revealed, “We were the first to make MAGA swimsuits, and we’ve sold more than 10,000 of them in June. We did it because a bunch of women kept asking us to make them since we are known for patriotic and funny political apparel.”

Also on a website called Printed Kicks, they sell an American flag colored backless, scoop-necked MAGA swimsuit for $59.99. The original price was $119.98.

Screenshot via PrintedKicks

At least these are a lot better looking than the Shocked Trump swimsuits which feature Trump’s face with his mouth wide open.

Screenshot via Belovedshirts

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