French President Macron spites Trump by awarding US climate scientists ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ grants (Details)

Credit: Philippe Wojazer | AFP | Getty Images

On Monday, eighteen climate scientists from the U.S. and other countries were awarded grants by French President Emmanuel Macron to conduct research in France for the remainder of Trump’s presidential term. Thirteen of the eighteen winners were scientists based in the U.S.

The “Make Our Planet Great Again” grants are Macron’s way to counter Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate accord.

The grants totaled about $70 million and were spread to about 50 different climate research projects.

The grants will allow the winners to relocate to France and the projects are expected to last for the remainder of Trump’s term.

Macron announced the project in June, hours after Trump decided to pull out of the Paris climate accord. The winners were not announced until today.

There were more than 5,000 people from about 100 countries who were interested in the grants. The candidates had to be known for their work on climate change issues. They also had to have completed a thesis and have a project that would take them between three to five years to complete.

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The research will focus on pollution, hurricanes, and clouds. Next year there will be a new round of the competition.

The winners were announced in Paris at a startup incubator called Station F.

There is expected to be a bigger climate summit called the “One Planet Summit” on Tuesday. There are more than 50 world leaders that will be there. However, Trump was not invited to the event.


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