London underground workers expected to strike during Trump’s UK visit

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On Tuesday, London’s transport union, RMT, announced that its workers are expected to strike on the day Trump will visit. The trip supposed to take place next month.

The strike will be from 9 pm on Wednesday, July 11th until 1 am on Saturday, July 14th.

The strike is expected to affect the Piccadilly Line that goes through central London to Heathrow Airport. This line transports half a million passengers per day.

There are also supposed to be huge protests, with about 53,000 people attending the official protest. The protesters are planning to fly a 20 foot tall “inflatable baby with a malevolent face and tiny hands” over central London.

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According to Leo Murray, who planned the giant Trump baby blimp, “Moral outrage has no effect on Trump because he has no shame, he’s immune to it. But he has a tremendously fragile ego so ridicule is an effective form of protest.”

He continued, “So we want to make sure he knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him.” He also added that this form of protest is “exactly the kind of non-violent but effective protest.”

So far, Murray’s Crowdfunder page for the blimp has raised about $12,000, more than $6,100 past the goal. This means that the extra money will help them “hire a barge to guarantee that Trump Baby will fly, even if the authorities refuse to let us fly him from Parliament Square Gardens, and we are unable to find another free site in a suitably central location.”

Trump is scheduled to arrive in London on July 13th. He will meet Theresa May and head to the Windsor Castle for a reception with the Queen. Melania is expected to come along too.


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