Kellyanne Conway desperately tries to stop Fox News host from using the term ‘Trumpcare’ (Video)

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On Wednesday morning, during a Fox News interview with Kellyanne Conway, Conway claimed that President Trump is very confident in the passage of the proposed health care legislation.

When host Bill Hemmer asked Conway if the new health care legislation can be called “Trumpcare,” once it passes, Conway quickly defended Trump saying that he never said he wanted his name on the legislation.

“It’s the American Health Care Act, and I think it’s aptly named that for this reason,” she explained. “It wants to cover, it wants everyone to have access to coverage, and that is something that didn’t happen under Obamacare… I’ll call it Trumpcare if you want to, but I didn’t hear President Trump say to any of us, ‘I want my name on that.’ It’s not about branding according to someone’s name. This is serious business.”

Conway continued by bashing the current health care legislation saying that “millions of people” feel like their health care access, quality and choices have been significantly reduced and their costs have gone up.

However, many people are already seeing flaws of the proposed health care legislation.  Andy Slavitt, who was the head of Medicare and Medicaid under former President Obama, believes that “Trumpcare” will be worse for the country. He believes it will result in higher deductibles, end individual mandate, premiums will skyrocket, people would have fewer services, and it would cost even more for the working family because the subsidies would be taken away which in turn would be a massive tax cut for the rich.

You can watch the interview below:

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