Kellyanne Conway on fixing the opioid crisis: just ‘don’t start doing drugs’ (w/ video)

Credit: Screenshot/Fox News/Youtube

On Thursday, during her appearance on Fox News, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to Trump’s speech about drug abuse.

Conway stated, “The president echoed the message that many healthcare providers and elected officials say, which is, the best way to stop people from dying from overdoses and drug abuse is by not starting in the first place.”

She continued, “That’s a big core message for our youth that the First Lady is continuing to push with prevention education.”

During his speech on Thursday, Trump said something very similar to Conway. He stated, “That’s what I think is so important. This was an idea that I had, where if we can teach young people not to take drugs – just not to take them. The fact is, if we can teach young people – and people, generally – not to start, it’s really, really easy not to take them.”

Her comments come after Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. This move comes as his opioid commission recommended him to declare the crisis as a national emergency.

The difference between a public health emergency and national emergency is that a public emergency must be renewed every 90 days.

This move won’t free up much additional funding. However, it will allow Eric Hargan, Health and Human Services Secretary, to loosen some regulations.

Also, this announcement will allow people living in remote areas with the addiction to receive medications and shift resources in HIV/AIDs programs to help people in the programs to obtain substance abuse disorder treatments, and much more.

You can watch the video below:


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