Just days after being forced out, House Chaplain spites Ryan and gets his job back

CNS photo/Rhina Guidos

Recently, House Chaplain Patrick Conroy submitted a resignation saying that he was being forced out of his job. Now, he’s rescinding that resignation.

“I have never been disciplined, nor reprimanded, nor have I ever heard a complaint about my ministry during my time as House chaplain,” Conroy stated in the letter rescinding his resignation, as reported in The Washington Post.

Recently, when pressed with questions regarding the issue, Ryan defended the decision to pressure the priest out of his job. Ryan says that “feedback from members” was behind the move.

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Conroy says that Ryan insisted he stay out of politics. This followed Conroy delivering a prayer on the House floor that included thoughts on the GOP tax bill.

Conroy was previously told that if he didn’t resign, he would be fired. Time will tell if Ryan will now fire Conroy.


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