Condo owners win legal battle to remove Trump’s name from their building

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On Thursday, a New York City judge ruled that residents of Trump Place can remove the President’s name from the building.

According to Judge Eileen Bransten, the condo, located at 200 Riverside Boulevard in Manhattan, is not legally bound to display Trump’s name on the building.

Shortly after Trump was inaugurated, a legal battle to remove Trump’s name emerged. That month, the residents of Trump Place voted 158-58 to remove the name. In the complaint, the owners argued that the name damages property values.

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During the fight to keep the name, Eric Trump defended the name and argued that it preserves his father’s legacy.

The ruling on Thursday could impact other Trump-branded buildings whose owners or tenants want Trump’s name removed from the building.

This is not the first building to remove Trump’s name from its building. There were three other New York buildings that removed Trump’s name from its building.

Trump’s name has also been removed from hotels in New York, Panama, and Toronto.


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