Judge orders Trump to face lawsuit from sexual assault victim: says ‘no one is above the law’ (Details)

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On Tuesday, Trump received word that he must face a defamation lawsuit from a woman who accused him of sexual assault.

“No one is above the law,” said Judge Jennifer Schecter in a 19-page decision.

Trump had previously argued that he shouldn’t be subjected to civil litigation in state courts because of the Constitution’s supremacy clause. This is the first time where the clause has been fully tested.

“It is settled that the President of the United States has no immunity and is ‘subject to the laws’ for purely private acts,” Schecter asserted.

“Nothing in the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution even suggests that the president cannot be called to account before a state court for wrongful conduct that bears no relationship to any federal executive responsibility,” Schecter found.

This ruling is good news for Summer Zervos, who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in 2007. During his candidacy, Trump said that Zervos’ claims were “fiction.” Now, Zervos has been trying to sue him for defamation.

This court decision will mean that Trump will likely be subjected to a deposition, where he will have to answer questions under oath. Schecter already ruled that the case has merit.

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Trump’s attorney tried to have the case dismissed but the judge said that there’s “absolutely no authority for dismissing or staying the case.”

The judge did assert that any important federal duties would take precedence over the lawsuit. However, since Trump spends about 1/4 of his days playing golf, he will be hard-pressed to show he doesn’t have time to participate in the trial.

The judge finished with, “There are no compelling reasons for delaying plaintiff’s day in court.”


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