John Kelly wants Trump to choose between him or Kushner (Details)

Credit: Post-Gazette

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has reportedly changed Jared Kushner’s role in the White House.

Kelly was “livid” when he found that Kushner has been going behind his back to make deals with Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

According to three sources, Kelly called on the senior officials and demanded a meeting with Trump to give an ultimatum. The ultimatum was “If Kushner was going to freelance on DHS issues, the president would have to choose between his son-in-law and the four-star general serving in his Cabinet.”

As Kelly is trying to figure out why Ivanka and Kushner have roles in the White House, he is also trying to find a “formal organizational chart on top of Trump’s formerly chaotic West Wing.”

Supposedly Kelly isn’t the only one trying to figure out Ivanka and Jared’s roles.

Trump has reportedly asked some senior staffers if the two are creating “too much noise” and if the two can “withstand the personal attacks.”

Kushner may no longer have a role in the White House depending on how the Russia investigation unfolds.

Earlier this week, the media had their eyes on the two because of Kushner’s failure to disclose the use of private email and how he didn’t turn over the documents for that particular email account. Kushner is also under scrutiny for being at the meeting with the lawyer that had connections to the Kremlin who was offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Since Kelly arrived, the role of Kushner and Ivanka has changed. Kushner is no longer allowed to go in and out of the Oval Office as he pleases or have the freewheeling role he used to have.


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