After John Kelly attacked immigrants, a genealogist dug up his family history and here is what she found

Credit: Left: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images Right: Washington Post Photo/Jahi Chikwendiu

On Friday, during his interview with National Public Radio, White House chief of staff John Kelly attacked immigrants.

He said immigrants are “not people that would easily assimilate into the United States into our modern society.”

He continued and stated, “They’re overwhelmingly rural people in the countries they come from — fourth-, fifth-, sixth-grade educations are kind of the norm. They don’t speak English. … They don’t integrate well, they don’t have the skills.”

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His comment received a lot of backlash. A genealogist named Jennifer Mendelsohn even decided to look into his family history. (If her name sounds familiar, she’s the same genealogist who looked into Tomi Lahren’s ancestry when she commented about the DACA program.)

After Mendelsohn looked into Kelly’s ancestry, she found that Kelly’s great-grandfather lived in the U.S. undocumented for 18 years and he could not read, write or speak English.

There’s more. You can read her discovery below.

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