Joe Scarborough: Putin’s blackmail on Trump is going to surface and Trump is preparing for it (Details)

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On Friday, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough made the claim that Trump is trying to create perpetual scandals to save himself from a future big news headline. Scarborough believes that Trump wants to desensitize the public to his scandals because we will eventually discover the dirt that Russia has on him.

Scarborough brings this up on the heels of the porn star sex scandal. He says this is “small compared [to] the biggest truth that Donald Trump doesn’t want out… Vladimir Putin has something he is holding over Donald Trump’s head. And it is bad.”

The MSNBC host believes that constantly breaking scandals are part of a conscious strategy to prepare for his Russian blackmail to hit the media.

“Think about it. If you’re Donald Trump and…you’re attacking allies all over the world. You’re attacking the media. You’re employing the same that Stalin used: calling the media ‘enemies of the people,’ Scarborough continued. “You’re making outrageous racist comments… in the White House… You send out a flurry of outrageous tweets every day. Well, there is a method to that madness. It is what dictators use. I’m not calling Donald Trump a dictator, but it is what autocrats and dictators have done for a long time.”

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Scarborough drew parallels between what Trump’s doing and what a dictator does. He brought up similar actions by Hitler, but at the same time stated that he was not making a direct comparison.

“So, what is Donald Trump hoping? He is not hoping he can just brush aside a story of a porn star. He’s hoping when the truth comes out about what Vladimir Putin has and has had hanging over his head for decades, possibly, that we will all be too numb to notice,” said the Morning Joe host.

If this is a game from Trump, one may point out that it’s having dire consequences for Trump and the GOP. Trump ended his first year as president with a historically low 39% approval rating. This low-approval rating will likely have disastrous consequences for Republicans in the 2018 congressional elections.

You can watch the explanation below:

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