Joe Biden says he’s done being ‘quiet and respectful’ as he tears into Trump (Details)

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Joe Biden has finally had enough of how Trump is handling foreign policy as he is endangering America.

He was invited to speak at an event at Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies where he ripped into Trump. During his speech, he asserted that Trump is leading the US “down a very dark path.”

He was also at the event to receive the Zbigniew Brzezinski annual prize.

Biden stated, “We are walking down a very dark path. It’s not alarmist. The isolation of the United States on the world stage…as a consequence endangers – not strengthens – American interests and the American people.”

He continued, “I really feel incredibly strongly that the women and men sitting before me, who have been the intellectual backbone of the foreign policy establishment in this country for decades, have to start to speak out.

“President Obama and I have been very quiet and respectful, giving the administration time, but some of these roots are being sunk too deeply. I believe it’s time to challenge some of the dangerous assumptions that are attempting to replace that liberal world order.”

Since the two left the White House, they have been pretty quiet but his speech made it clear how they felt over Trump’s foreign policy.

In his speech, he criticized the way Trump has been handling North Korea, Iran, and Russia.

He believes that the administration’s actions are making it harder for the country to deal with its challenges.

Biden also added that the administration is “calling into question what the United States is actually worth.”

There is increasing speculation that Biden could run for president in 2020.

You can watch his whole speech below:


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