Joe Biden drops another hint about 2020 run (Details)

Image via Politico

During a private meeting with longtime foreign policy aides, former Vice President Joe Biden brought up the topic of a 2020 presidential run.

Biden reportedly told the aides that a run was a real possibility.

However, according to five people who were in the room, Biden hasn’t made a decision yet.

He told his longtime aides that he’d be interested in them joining him if he were to run.

Biden’s spokesperson declined to comment on the report.

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In a recent interview with NBC News, Biden stated that his decision to run in 2020 would be based on whether it was ‘the right thing to do.”

He also added that he has “plenty of time to consider a run” for 2020.

Biden stated, “I’m focused on one thing: electing a Democratic Congress to stop this erosion of the core of who we are. I’ll look at that a year from now. I have plenty of time to consider whether or not to run.”

There has been increasing speculation for a Biden run in 2020 after he passed up a chance in 2016 following his son’s death.

If he won in 2020, Biden would be 78 on Inauguration Day. Biden’s advisers have discussed that possibility that he would only serve one term. They believe that a Biden presidency will set up Democrats for 12 years in the White House.

According to recent polling, Biden would defeat Trump with a 17 percent margin, 57 percent to 40 percent.


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