Scott Pruitt took a bribe while screwing the environment- Jim Carrey just trashed him for it

Jim Carrey continues to paint the Trump administration in a very unflattering light. In his latest painting, the actor goes after the head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt.

On Monday, the New York Times reported that Pruitt rented a condo that was connected to an energy company’s lobbying firm. At the same time Pruitt was staying in the condo, the agency he heads approved a pipeline expansion project for that energy company.

Of course, both the lobbying firm and the EPA are denying that the condo rental had any connection to the approval of the project.

“Any attempt to draw that link is patently false,” said Liz Boman, who serves as a spokeswoman for Pruitt.

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Other government officials disagree.

“Entering into this arrangement causes a reasonable person to question the integrity of the E.P.A. decision,” wrote Dan Fox, who formerly served in the Office of Government Ethics during both the Obama and W. Bush administrations.

Apparently, Jim Carrey was very unhappy with the exchange.

In Carrey’s newest painting, he shows Pruitt with a pipeline going up his behind. There is also an angry fish that represents the devastating effects that pipelines can have on the environment.

Carrey explained that he did a search for rooms in D.C. and couldn’t find anything like the $50/night condo that Pruitt was enjoying. The cheapest accommodations he could find was an $81/night youth hostel with bunk beds.

You can see the painting below.

Earlier this week, Carrey painted right-wing media figures as pro-wrestlers. He explained that “If u believe wrestling is real u may even believe Fox news, Info Wars and the robotic drones on Sinclair Broadcasting. But wrestling doesn’t harm viewers. Performers like Sean Hannity and Alex Jones should join the WWE where their hyperbole will do less damage to the culture.”


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