Jeff Sessions to oversee the investigation of Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen

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On Tuesday, Bloomberg released a report indicating Attorney General Jeff Sessions will not be recusing himself in the investigation of Michael Cohen.

The report states that “Sessions could also weigh in on specific decisions by prosecutors, including whether to pursue subpoenas and indictments,” but he “will consider stepping back from specific questions tied to the probe.”

Previously, Sessions came under a lot of criticism from the President for his recusal in the investigation of the Trump campaign. That campaign ended up being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

With Sessions being involved with the investigation, he will be included in briefings that give detailed updates. This could lead to him leaking those details to the President. Note, Trump has strongly criticized the raid and investigation into his attorney.

Sessions will also be able to weigh in on whether prosecutors should issue indictments or subpoenas.

On Wednesday, Sessions will be answering questions from Congress pertaining to the investigation. Democrats are insisting that he recuse himself while Republicans are saying that he shouldn’t.

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The Justice Department has refused to answer questions on the matter. However, they did state that Sessions follows procedures as he is supposed to.

“The attorney general considers his potential recusal on a matter-by-matter basis as may be needed,” the department said in a statement. “To the extent a matter comes to the attention of his office that may warrant consideration of recusal, the attorney general would review the issue and consult with the appropriate Department ethics experts.”

 According to Stanley Twardy, a former U.S. attorney in CT, there is some protection from Trump in the Cohen probe.

Twardy stated that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, where the case is being led, is independent and comprised of career prosecutors that the President cannot fire.

Additionally, Twardy told reporters that, “the FBI is also involved in the investigation, and there’s a grand jury that can make independent decisions — all of which help insulate the probe from any political interference.”

This is a developing story.


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