Jared Kushner was just accused of a crime that carries life imprisonment (Details)


The crimes Jared Kushner is accused of are continuing to stack up. Robert Mueller already has ample evidence that he lied on security clearance forms and has participated in pay-to-play schemes with leaders across the world. However, if true, the latest allegations given to the Daily Mail could result in life in prison.

The Daily Mail doesn’t have a perfect track record. However, they are often the first to break worldwide stories because they do have a lot of resources. Thus, let’s approach this with hope but wait for further sources to confirm.

It is being reported that Kushner met with the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman back in October. Since then, Salman has been bragging that he obtained classified intelligence from Kushner. The intelligence allegedly outlined who was betraying Salman.

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Kushner’s attorney has denied the allegations, saying that he is “well aware of the rules.”

If the allegations are true, this would be considered a crime against the United States for releasing the information. If Mueller can find evidence that he was paid for the information, it would undoubtedly carry a life sentence.

According to the Washington Post, in late February, Kushner’s security clearance was downgraded from a top secret to a secret. The full details as to why were unavailable. It is possible that officials were already tipped off that Kushner has been releasing classified information and could not be trusted.

Since Kushner lost his top-secret clearance, he was not supposed to be seeing the President’s daily intelligence briefings. However, because he is the son-in-law of Trump, officials claim that the rules have not been enforced.


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