Ivanka’s fashion and Trump Hotel brands fall into bottom 10 of 1,600 (Details)

Credit: Reuters

Trump being in office seems to be causing major problems for both the Trump Hotel brand and Ivanka’s fashion line.

According to a YouGov consumer perception survey, both brands have fallen to the bottom 10 of more than 1,600 brands analyzed. They came to this conclusion by interviewing 4,800 people for a six-month period.

Perspectives of the brands are split due to political affiliation. It shows that Republicans favor the brand more than independents and Democrats. However, the brands aren’t doing that well.

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Among Republicans, those who can afford to stay at the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons would stay there rather than at Trump brand hotels.

The survey also notes that it was surprising to see that the perception of Democrats and independents of Ivanka’s brand has increased, while the GOP’s perception has been declining.

According to YouGov, they believe Ivanka’s book, Women Who Work, was the reason for the increased perception of Democrats and independents. Her book was released in May and site began tracking the brands’ perception in May.

Not long after the election, Ivanka’s brand was dropped by Nordstrom.

There were also a handful of other stores that removed Trump brand products from their stores. This was since Shannon Coulter started the #GrabYourWallet campaign that encouraged people to boycott stores that sell Trump products.


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