It’s official: Obamas receive invite to royal wedding- Trump says he’s ‘not aware’ of being invited (Details)

Credit: Left: PAUL GROVER FOR THE TELEGRAPH Right: Mike Theiler/Reuters

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day is getting closer. The two are expected to be married on Saturday, May 19th.

On Monday, Kensington Palace tweeted out details of the couple’s wedding. The palace revealed the wedding will take place at Windsor Castle at 12 p.m. in the U.K. (4 am PST).

It was also reported that the two have asked former President Obama and his wife Michelle to attend their big day.

According to a royal source, Harry and Meghan “want to do things their own way.” They made the decision even though aides have urged them not to invite the former president and his wife.

The aides worried that the invite would bring up diplomatic concerns for the country.

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The author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story explained, “If the Obamas turned up and Donald Trump was snubbed, then that would cause problems for the British government in terms of foreign diplomacy and the special relationship [between the U.S. and the U.K].”

However, Harry and Meghan have ignored the advice and has sent out an RSVP to Obama. Now the decision is up to Obama himself if he would like to attend.

The source stated, “The invitations are going out now, but Mr. and Mrs. Obama still have to respond.”

The source believes the Obamas will attend.

Obama’s relationship with Prince Harry is well-known. When Harry announced his engagement, Obama tweeted his congratulations.

Obama wrote:

According to the BBC, when asked about an invitation to the royal wedding, Trump said he was not aware of being invited.

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