After being insulted by Spicer, reporter April Ryan gets awesome new job at CNN

Image via NBC

April Ryan, a reporter for the American Urban Radio Networks, has been getting some unfair treatment at the White House over the past few months. Possibly in response to her new fame, CNN has now hired her on as a political analyst.

Recently, Sean Spicer took an overly aggressive tone with Ryan while telling her to “stop shaking your head,” after Ryan asked how the Trump Administration is planing to remake its image following a series of damning reports. After a backlash, Spicer seemed to go out of his way to be nicer to Ryan during the following press briefing.

Back in February, Ryan asked President Trump whether he would be willing to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. Trump responded in a surreal manner with “I would. You want to set up the meeting? Do you want to set up the meeting? Are they friends of yours?”

“No, I’m just a reporter,” Ryan replied. Trump doubled down, retorting, “Go ahead, set up the meeting.”

Ryan announced Monday on Twitter that she was hired for the new CNN position.


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