Infowars Alex Jones finally getting the lawsuit that he deserves

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Alex Jones often uses tragedies to sell conspiracy theories and make advertising money. However, if a new lawsuit succeeds, then he’ll have to find another tactic to feed his paranoid followers.

On Tuesday, Brennan Gilmore, one of Jones’ conspiracy theory targets, sued him for defamation. Gilmore seeks to prevent Jones from using Infowars to launch character assassination campaigns against citizens. Brennan points out that these victims often become the target of death threats and other violent episodes.

Last year, Gilmore filmed the attack in Charlotteville where an alt-right terrorist ran his car into a crowd. This resulted in the death of activist Heather Heyer.

In response to Gilmore releasing that footage, Jones branded him as a “deep state shill” and also a “CIA asset.” Jones claimed that Gilmore helped organize the car attack in order to make Trump look bad.

Jones used Gilmore’s occupation to help drive the conspiracy theory. Gilmore is a foreign service officer with the State Department. Jones claimed this was proof that there are “high-level CIA” operatives behind the attack.

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“What we now see is a pattern of attacks that politically motivated outlets like Infowars and the Gateway Pundit launch against witnesses and other victims of tragedies,” Gilmore told reporters. “They twisted [my] service into a story that I was a deep-state operative who had a role in organizing the violence that we saw in Charlottesville to undermine the Trump administration.”

Gilmore says that because of Jones he has become the target of ongoing harassment, both online and physically. Additionally, his parents’ address was posted online and they received an envelope containing a white powdery substance with a threatening note.

Gilmore is also suing former Congressman Allen West and Gateway Pundit owner Jim Hoft. Gilmore asserts that they also helped push conspiracies that have endangered him and subjected him to harassment.

Gilmore says he won’t settle for money. He wants changes.


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