House female Democrats ‘bare arms’ in protest of House dress code-Paul Ryan taking notice (Details)

Image via Chellie Pingree/Twitter

On Friday, many female Democrats in the House wore sleeveless clothing to support “Sleeveless Friday.” This move was to push House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to change the House dress code.


Ryan faced backlash for two weeks after a reporter was allegedly blocked from entering the Speaker’s lobby with a sleeveless dress. This dress code is an unwritten rule which also bans open-toed shoes. The arbitrary rules have been a focus on social media for years.

However, on Thursday, Ryan revealed that he would try to modernize the dress code.

“A dress code in the chamber and Speaker’s Lobby makes sense,” Ryan stated. “But that doesn’t mean that we need to bar otherwise acceptable business attire. So, look for a change in that soon.”


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