Home Depot co-founder: Trump could be ‘one of our greatest presidents ever’ (Details)

On Monday, in an interview with CNBC on Squawk Box, Ken Langone, co-founder of Home Depot and longtime Republican, believes that Trump could go down in history as “one of our greatest presidents ever” if he keeps defying expectations.

Langone stated that with that with Trump, America has a “singular opportunity to get a lot done in this country.”

He went on to say “This guy has got guts.” “And he’s got great people around him.”

In his interview, he also gave a warning to the Republicans and said that they could lose the majorities in the House and Senate if they don’t take advantage of Trump being in office.

Home Depot Co-Founder And Invemed Associates CEO Ken Langone. Via Getty Images

“If you guys don’t get your guys into a room and say ‘Guys this is our moment.’ The American people will throw you out too, the next time,” Langone warned.

Langone said that “Trump has the capacity to go down as one of our greatest presidents ever.” He added that “The American people elected him president, in my mind, for one reason: they don’t want incremental change. They want major change.”

He wants Trump to deliver on three major aspect- healthcare, tax cuts and $1 trillion of infrastructure upgrades in which he believes Trump will be able to succeed.

In the same interview, Langone revealed that he is “excited” about the border tax. “The border adjustment tax will work … for retailers, but [they’ve] got to think beyond the next quarter or the next six months,” he stated.


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