Harvard Law professor: Falsely accusing Obama of wiretapping ‘qualifies as an impeachable offense’ (Details)

Via Paul Sakuma-Pool/Getty

On Tuesday, Laurence Tribe, Harvard law professor, noted on Twitter that Donald Trump could be on the brink of impeachment if he used his power as president to lie about Barack Obama ordering a wiretap.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Jonathan Turley, George Washington University Law School Professor, argued against Tribe by claiming Trump could not be impeached because the statements were made on Twitter.

“There’s no penalty to the president for bad tweets,” Turley said. “[Twitter] postdated the [U.S. Constitution’s] impeachment clause. So, there’s no impeachment for bad tweets.”

Tribe went on Twitter to disagree with Turley’s statement. Tribe says that Twitter didn’t exist when the law was made and that the medium would not matter.

Here are Tribe’s tweets below:


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