GOP candidate who harassed trans woman takes embarrassing loss

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A Republican candidate for California’s House, who thought harassing a trans woman at a Denny’s bathroom would win her votes, was proven wrong.

On Tuesday, Jazmina Saavedra lost the primary election for California’s 44th House District, only getting 10 percent of the vote. The primary was won by incumbent Democrat Nanette Barragan who received over 26,000 votes.

Her loss comes after Saavedra live-streamed herself on Facebook harassing a transgender woman in a bathroom back in May.

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In the video, Saavedra was seen shouting at the woman through the stall wall. The Republican candidate also mocked her for carrying a stun gun and pepper spray for situations like this. Saavedra repeatedly called the woman “a man” and stated, “So, that guy is violating my right to use the ladies’ room here, and he’s saying he’s a lady! Stupid guy.” Saavedra’s actions eventually lead the woman to be forced out from the bathroom.

The video was later removed from Facebook. However, she kept reposting the video. This lead to the temporary block of Saavendra on Facebook.

Even after her loss, Saavedra didn’t have any remorse for the transgender woman she harassed. She recently tweeted that the trans woman is “still just a male drug addict.”


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