Fox News now trying to character assassinate Michael Avenatti following his bombshell reports

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On Thursday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham spent an entire segment on leading up to her main question, “Who is paying Michael Avenatti?”

Avenatti is Stormy Daniels’ lawyer who had a key role in breaking the bombshell report that involves Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer.

This isn’t the first time Fox News questioned Avenatti’s funding. On Thursday, Fox News host Bill Hemmer also asked the same question.

However, Fox’s question about who’s paying Avenatti is answered by Avenatti himself in a pinned tweet. The question was answered before any of the Fox News hosts questioned who is paying him.

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In the pinned tweet, he links to statement titled “Statement Regarding Who Is Paying Ms. Clifford’s Legal Fees.” The statement reads, “ALL fees and expenses of this case of either been funded by our client, Ms. Stephanie Clifford [aka, Stormy Daniels], or by donations from our page.”

Fox News not only questions Avenatti’s funding but they also insult his looks. For example, on Thursday, host Tucker Carlson slammed Avenatti for looking like “a creepy porn lawyer whose eyes are too close together.”

Fox News’ insults come just two days after Avenatti revealed Cohen was paid $500,000 by a Putin linked Russian oligarch. He also noted that the hush payment that Cohen gave Daniels could have been from the same bank account.

Avenatti tweeted:


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