Fox News on Stephen Miller: ‘Don’t put that guy in front of cameras again’ (Video)

Screenshot via Politics Video Channel/Youtube

On Wednesday, Fox News host Eric Bolling criticized White House adviser Stephen Miller for what happened earlier at the press briefing. Bolling went as far as saying that Miller should not be put in front of cameras again.

Miller and CNN’s reporter Jim Acosta got in a heated exchange during the press briefing in regards to the new immigration proposal.

Bolling started out the segment by saying that even though he might not agree with every part of the new proposal, he said,“It’s really, really important to the country. Merit-based immigration is fantastic.”

He continued, “Conservatives are behind it, going ‘About time, awesome.’ And then they put Stephen Miller out there to deliver the message and look what we get. We get — listen, he’s a brilliant guy, he’s a great policy adviser. He is not a communications person.”

“Don’t put that guy in front of the cameras again. And the message gets stepped on because everyone is going to play that interchange with Acosta instead of talking about how great this immigration policy is. They really have to fix their communications department,” he added.

You can watch it below:



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