Fox News reporter walks out on Huckabee Sanders- snapped at her on his way out (Video)

Image via CBSN

It seems that even the Fox News correspondents are upset that the White House press briefings still have the no camera rule.

On Tuesday, there was another White House camera-free press briefing in which Fox News reporter John Roberts walked out on.

Roberts got upset, so he got up to leave.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders noticed this, and joked saying, “John Roberts is bored today, he’s stepping out.”

Then Roberts fired back,  “If it (the press briefing) was on camera, I might not be.”

On Twitter he explained why he left early:

Roberts isn’t the only one who criticized the no camera rule. CNN’s reporter Jim Acosta has berated Sean Spicer for the audio only briefings in the past.

The White House hasn’t had a single on-camera press briefing since June 29.

You can listen to the exchange below (Roberts’ reply is hard to hear):



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