Giuliani says Trump can’t be indicted- Fox News judge says he’s wrong

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On Thursday, during his interview with Fox Business network, Judge Andrew Napolitano offered a different conclusion compared to Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, on whether a sitting president can be indicted. Napolitano, unlike Guiliani, believes that the President is “not above the law.”

Napolitano’s interview comes a day after Guiliani told CNN that Special Counsel Robert Mueller told Trump’s lawyers that he can’t indict a sitting president.

However, Napolitano explained that the Justice Department has two memos. He continued and stated, “one says the president can be indicted, the other says the president cannot be indicted.”

Host Steve Doocy brought up what Guiliani said about the Department of Justice’s guidelines about how you cannot indict a sitting president and how the president has to be impeached first. He also added it’s a political decision.

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The judge explained that it is a political decision, but he brought up the other memo that the president “can be indicted but not prosecuted until after he leaves office.”

Host Brian Kilmeade asked about putting pressure on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to wrap up the “endless” investigation.

Napolitano insisted that it’s a bad idea to do so. He replied, “These guys don’t care. Their job is to do the right thing no matter what the public thinks.”

You can watch the video below:


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