Gov. Scott’s office deleted all voicemails asking for help from nursing home where 11 died after Irma (Details)

Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

On Friday, Governor Rick Scott’s (R) office revealed that the voicemails left on Scott’s personal cellphone from a nursing home, where at least 11 people have died following Hurricane Irma, were deleted.

Now, the deleted voicemails cannot be used as evidence in a criminal probe of the deaths.

There were a total of four voicemails that were deleted. When CBS Miami contacted the office to request copies, a spokeswoman replied,  “The voicemails were not retained.” But she explains that the information from each voicemail was “collected by the Governor’s staff and given to the proper agency for handling.”

Natasha Anderson, a vice president with The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, says she was given the governor’s cell phone number and was told to call if there was an emergency.

In 36 hours before the first patient died of heat, due to an air conditioning failure, Anderson reveals she called the governor four times saying that the nursing home needed “immediate assistance.”

However, Gov Scott claims that no one at the home ever said there was a crisis or that patients were in danger.

Currently, no one can confirm if he is being honest.

As a result of the incident, Medicaid and Medicare funding for the nursing home has been cut off and the nursing home had their license suspended.


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