‘Fire and Fury’ author believes his book will bring down Trump- Here’s why

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According to Michael Wolff, the author of the explosive tell-all book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, his book will bring down Trump. 

During an interview with BBC radio, Wolff stated, “I think one of the interesting effects of the book so far is a very clear emperor-has-no-clothes effect.”

He continued, “The story that I have told seems to present this presidency in such a way that it says he can’t do his job. “Suddenly everywhere people are going ‘oh my God, it’s true, he has no clothes’. That’s the background to the perception and the understanding that will finally end … this presidency.”

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Since excerpts of the book were released, Trump has denied the claims made in the book. He has also gone as far as trying to stop the publication of the book. However, the book ended up going on sale four days earlier than planned.

The book continues to top Amazon’s best sellers list. Wolff wrote the book after he was able to gain access to the White House. However, Trump denies he authorized Wolff’s access.

Trump continues to criticize Wolff and the book.

On Friday night, Trump called Wolff a “loser who made up stories in order to sell this really boring and untruthful book.”

On Saturday, he took another jab at Wolff, calling him a “fraud” when he was talking to reporters.



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