FEMA is hiding stats on its website about Puerto Rico- possibly to help Trump look better (Details)

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As of Wednesday, on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website, it showed that half of the island’s residents had drinking water access and only 5 percent of residents had electricity.

However, by Thursday morning, the two key statistics have been removed from the website.

According to William Booher, a FEMA spokesman, there is up-to-date information still being reported on a site that is run by the office of Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló. But they did not give a reason for removing the information on the agency’s website.

The website shows other important statistics on Puerto Rico. For example, the site shows about 73% of grocery stores are open. It also shows that the island’s ports and airports are all fully operational. In other words, stats that make Trump’s federal government management look better.

Even though FEMA is reporting that 92 percent of its hospitals and 96 percent of dialysis center are open, many of the hospitals are running on emergency power.

As of Wednesday, the official death toll has gone up to 34. Experts predict the death toll will rise even higher.



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