Sanders offers laughable ‘proof’ that Trump is more credible than Comey

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In perhaps one of her most desperate attempts yet, Sarah Huckabee Sanders offered her own ‘proof’ that Trump is more credible than James Comey.

On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted a litany of threats and insults at Comey in an angry Twitter tirade. Trump repeatedly called Comey a liar and called on jail time for the former FBI director.

Ahead of Comey’s big book release, Huckabee Sanders decided to give an interview on ABC’s program “This Week,” where George Stephanopoulos got to ask her a handful of questions.

Stephanopoulos asked Sanders if she thought it was a smart idea to compare credibility between the President and James Comey. He cited the Washington Post in gathering more than 2,000 times where either Trump or the White House have dispensed lies. He also referenced a recent poll that shows most Americans believe Comey is more credible than Trump.

Sanders argued back that in a recent Rasmussen poll, pinning Trump at a 50% approval rate, affirms his credibility. Note: Rasmussen is historically a right-leaning poll.

“I have to disagree,” she declared. “There’s a daily poll that has the president at 50%. Better than President Obama at this point. At the end of the day, this president will be judged on probably two big things. The economy and national security.”

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Of course, this is clearly Sanders dodging the issue because his approval rating wasn’t what was being debated. Stephanopoulos was comparing Trump to Comey, and Trump’s approval rating from a right-wing poller means nothing.

In other polling, including the average from Real Clear Politics, Trump stands at 42% approval. That falls far below where Obama stood at this time during his presidency.

Sanders’ attempts at distraction are only fooling her base.


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